Pay and chat without borders!

Decentralized multi-currency chat-wallet for secured communications and payments

Manage your finances, exchange cybercurrencies, pay your bills all over the world.

Pay with cybercurrencies using NFC in your cellphone or via any debit card tethered to your wallet.

Send your messages and transactions within the chat.

Create your own info-channel, increase its audience and capitalize the subscription.

Why do you need Exscudo Channels?

One account to securely communicate, transfer and spend money all over the world.

Pay for goods and services with cybercurrencies, using NFC in your cellphone or our debit card
Instantaneous currency exchange with minimal exchange spread
Monitor all your transactions using immediate notifications
Securely chat with friends and business partners
Share information with your friends and followers
Send, receive, save and spend valuable likes
Send money
Make immediate transactions to your contacts within the chat

Create your account within seconds!

  1. Download an app
  2. Set up your profile
  3. Fund your account

You instantly get:

Decentralized multi-currency chat-wallet for secured communications and payments.

With Exscudo Channels you can

Transfer money to your friends no matter what bank you use. Now you can split the bill with your friend at a go!

Create your own channel and share your thoughts with your friends and followers.

Confidentially discuss any issues: a new project, an idea, or just gossips.

Make payments with just one touch using NFC in your cellphone.

Why should I switch to Exscudo Channels?

Your payments are anonymized and encrypted from any unauthorized access
Your messages and payment data are encrypted
Free of charge
The app is freeware, subscription and ad-free forever
The app's architecture enables more security and accessibility all over the world
Instant financial transactions and currency exchange
Monitor your history of transactions in your account and blockexplorer

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